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Kids Toothpaste


Explore Polarpaste, the ultimate Kids Toothpaste adventure for ages 6 months and up, bursting with Bubblegum flavor and age-appropriate fluoride levels. Join the journey for healthy milk to permanent teeth - discover Polarpaste today!

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How to use?

Suitable for ages 6 months +

Introducing the best Kids Toothpaste UK, the ultimate adventure for your child's smile! Crafted with insights from our Cubby Community, this Children's Toothpaste isn't just toothpaste – it's a journey towards healthy teeth. Bursting with Bubblegum flavour and a captivating shade of blue, Polarpaste makes brushing fun for kids aged 6 months and up.

Formulated by expert dentists with age-appropriate fluoride levels, Polarpaste provides unparalleled protection for your little one's milk teeth and encourages a strong oral care routine from a young age. Designed to combat tooth decay and promote oral health, this Kids Toothpaste is suitable for kids transitioning from milk teeth to permanent teeth, ensuring their smiles stay bright and healthy.

With this Kids Toothpaste UK, every brush becomes an exciting adventure, making oral care an enjoyable experience for kids aged 6 months plus. Explore the bubblegum freshness of Polarpaste today and give your child's smile the care it deserves!

Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Aroma, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Flouride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Cl 42090, Cl 15985, Cl 16035
How to use?
Use Polarpaste twice daily and brush for two minutes 0-12 months: A smear of toothpaste. 1-2 years: The amount of the child’s little fingernail, or a grain of rice. 3-5 years: Small Pea sized amount. 6 years and above: Pea sized amount.

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Kids Toothpaste FAQs

How is Polarpaste different to other childrens toothpaste?

Our unique formula blends just the right dose of fluoride with essential ingredients for comprehensive oral health. Dive into the delicious world of our bubblegum-flavored Polarpaste, crafted to turn brushing into an adventure with its amazing flavor and magical blue color. With Polarpaste, oral care becomes fun and exciting, inspiring kids to brush with joy while ensuring their smiles stay bright and healthy.

Does Polarpaste contain Fluoride?

Yes, our Polarpaste contains the recommended dose of fluoride, it contains 1450ppm. Fluoride has been clinically proven to prevent cavities, remineralize your tooth enamel and reverses early tooth decay.

What age is Polarpaste suitable from?

The toothpaste is suitable from as soon as your child’s teeth start coming through at 6M+ From 0-3Y we advise a smear (rice gain amount) applied to your toothbrush From 3Y+ we recommend a pea size amount applied to your toothbrush

Is Polarpaste safe to use every day?

Yes, our Polarpaste is a totalcare toothpaste that is safe to use everyday, twice a day.

What is the QR code on the front of the tube?

The QR code takes you straight to the Icy Bear Dental Cubs free app, Cubby Buddy designed to make teeth brushing fun and interactive whilst encouraging your little ones to brush their teeth effectively for two minutes, twice each day, creating lifelong lasting healthy habits by gamifying brushing their teeth. Available on IOS and android.

Will the colour of Polarpaste stain?

Polarpaste will temporarily colour your childs tooth to make teeth brushing fun and playful but will not permanently discolour teeth or clothing

Up to what age is Polarpaste suitable for?

Polarpaste contains the recommended amount of fluoride for children and adults alike at 1450ppm. Although the amount applied to your toothbrush will be less if a child or infant. Icy Bear Polarpaste can be used by teenagers and adults too, simply use a pea size amount and brush twice a day for two minutes for your optimal oral care alternative to the traditional minty flavoured toothpaste.

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