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Teeth Whitening Gel


Our Teeth Whitening Gel refills offer a gentle yet powerful solution, lifting away stains without compromising tooth sensitivity or enamel integrity. Convenient syringe applicators make achieving a brighter smile effortless for busy individuals, ensuring professional-grade results at home.

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How to use?
What's Included?

Achieve a brighter smile effortlessly with our Teeth Whitening Gel refills. Our gentle yet effective formula, enriched with powerful active ingredients, penetrates deep into enamel to lift away stains without compromising tooth sensitivity or enamel integrity. Perfect for busy individuals, our peroxide-free gel ensures professional-grade results at home. With easy-to-use syringe applicators, enjoy the convenience of whitening on your schedule. Whether you're a busy professional or image-conscious individual, our gel refills deliver visibly whiter teeth and renewed confidence. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a radiant smile with Icy Bear Dental's Teeth Whitening Gel refills. To be used with our teeth whitening kit. 

We are proud to say the Icy Bear Teeth Whitening gel is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

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  • Upto 10 Shades Whiter
  • Instantly Whiter Teeth
  • Safe & Effective
  • At Home Easy Whitening
18% PAP concentration (Phthalimido-Peroxy-Caproic acid)
How to use?
Use our Sonic Toothbrush and Whitening Toothpaste with active ingredients to effectively remove plaque build-up. Attach the LED light to the mouth tray of your teeth whitening kit, apply gel to both sides, and place the tray in your mouth. Activate the light and whiten for 20-30 minutes. Spit and rinse afterward, repeating the process the next day for brighter, whiter teeth.
What's Included?
x2 5ml gel syringes

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Teeth Whitening Gel FAQs

How Often Can I Use Icy Bear Top-up Gels?

Our Teeth Whitening Gel refills contain x2 5ml gel syringes, enriched with potent active ingredients. For those with sensitive teeth and enamel concerns, we suggest using just over a quarter of the syringe per application. Achieve whiter teeth by using consecutively over 5 to 6 days for enhanced results, or maintain your achieved results by using once weekly.

How Long Will Results Last?

Regular top-ups between teeth whitening gel refills, using safe maintenance products like our Icy Bear Diamond Dust Toothpaste with active ingredients, ensure lasting radiance. Lifestyle habits like smoking, consuming red wine, coffee, and specific medications can reduce whitening effects over time. Making gradual adjustments to your routine enhances overall oral health and maintains whiter teeth.

Will Using Icy Bear Refill Whitening Gels Cause Sensitivity?

Not at all! One of the best advantages of PAP is the fact that users are highly unlikely to experience any discomfort. We have also included added ingredients of calcium and soothing Vitamin E, alongside Aloe Vera to really enhance your at home experience. There is also a natural mint flavour used in the formula, this is not overpowering but more of a masking agent as the PAP has quite a strong flavour, so you know it really is getting to work!

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