Icy Bear Dental is a revolutionary dental whitening cosmetic brand developed and designed by celebrity dentist Dr Hanna Kinsella. Founder of Kiln Lane Dental Clinic & Icy Bear Dental, Hanna Kinsella is a well- respected and highly trained dental practitioner and is passionate about both general and cosmetic dentistry.

The world of dentistry is ever evolving and cosmetic dentist and practice owner Dr Kinsella feels passionately about delivering a whiter, healthier smile. Her products have been exclusively manufactured in the UK and contain a new, innovative system that’s shown to not only brighten the smile but also to protect the teeth against cavities.

As we know foods such as coffee, tea and red wine can lead to discolouration of the teeth, which in turn has a negative impact on their aesthetic appearance. Previous cosmetic dental treatments including composite veneers can also stain and discolour due to their porous nature and therefore need regular maintenance.

Dr Hanna Kinsella is proud to say that the Icy Bear brand is palm oil free, SLS free and animal cruelty free and that her products are produced in the UK adhering to strict industry guidelines. The Icy Bear brand is cutting edge on the market and has been developed exclusively by a dental professional.

“As a dental practitioner, it was so important to me to create a unique dental product range that not only enhanced and maintained the appearance of the teeth but also delivered a high standard of oral care.”

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