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Diamond teeth whitening: Unleash your inner sparkle this party season

Party season is on the horizon! In fact, there are now just eight weeks until Christmas – which means, this is the ideal time to give your teeth some TLC.

After 2020’s festivities were pretty much cancelled by COVID, this year, the celebrations are set to be bigger, better, and more glamorous than ever before. And if you’d like to add a touch of sparkle to your smile, our diamond teeth whitening products are the perfect option.

Fast and effective – they’ll work their magic in plenty of time for your first festive do. Plus they’re simple to use and easy on the budget. So, why not give them a go? Read on to find out more and get your smile party-ready, with the help of Icy Bear Dental.

The ultimate teeth whitening duo

Diamond dust toothpaste

This is a very simple change to your daily dental routine, but it can make a huge difference to your smile. Just use our diamond dust toothpaste twice daily, from now up until Christmas. And we guarantee, by the time the office party rolls around, you’ll have a high-carat smile – that’s just as dazzling as the Christmas fairy lights.

Thanks to its high fluoride concentration, Icy Bear Diamond Dust Toothpaste is perfectly suitably for day-to-day use – offering all-round oral protection and helping to prevent cavities. But it also contains micro-particles of diamond, which gently polish the teeth and safely remove any stains.

In our opinion, it’s the best whitening toothpaste currently available. And priced at just £17.99, it’s one of the most affordable ways to brighten your smile in time for December get-togethers.

Diamond dust toothpaste and teeth whitening strips

Dissolvable whitening strips

Our dissolvable teeth whitening strips are proven to create stunning results in a matter of days. And they’re incredibly quick and easy to use. So it doesn’t matter how hectic your diary is. It’s possible to create a dazzling smile – without visiting the dentist – and keep it shining through to New Year.

Just apply Icy Bear Whitening Strips to your upper and lower teeth, twice a day, and wait 10-15 minutes for them to dissolve. The first strip will immediately start to remove common stains – such as tea, coffee, and red wine. And by day 14, they’re clinically proven to improve the colour of your teeth by seven shades.

That’s means, it takes just two weeks to see and feel the difference. And if you plan on starting celebrations early this year, there’s still ample time to ensure your smile is as shiny and bright as the Christmas decorations.


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Whiten your smile for the upcoming festivities

Our diamond teeth whitening products are professionally developed to be cutting edge and unique. And when used in combination, they’re the perfect whitening duo to get your smile ready for all those glitzy party invitations. Fast-acting, effective, and convenient.

Order your first tube of diamond dust toothpaste and a two-week pack of our dissolving teeth whitening strips and make sure you look and feel your best for Christmas 2021.

If you have any questions or would like further advice on how to get the perfect party smile, feel free to get in touch. You can either give us a call on 07783733059 or send an email to And after you’ve used our products for 14 days, we’d love to hear your feedback. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us in your festive selfies!


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