This professionally developed toothpaste has a unique ingredient combination containing the finest diamonds. Thanks to its extremely low abrasiveness, tooth surfaces are gently cleaned and stains reduced with no damage to the tooth surface.

Icy Bear diamond dust whitening toothpaste provides total care for daily use and prolongs the effects of whitening treatments to restore your smile.

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With twice daily brushing this toothpaste helps to reduce plaque, protect against cavities and provides stain inhibition from foods, drink, previous dental work and nicotine use.

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  • Provides complete oral health; strengthens tooth enamel and protects against cavities
  • Reduces and prevents surface stains and plaque
  • Contains diamond dust, cleaning softly and evenly without being too abrasive
  • Cruelty free, vegan friendly, SLS free, Palm oil free
  • Made and manufactured in the UK

This enhanced toothpaste formula contains 0% SLS (irritant foaming agent) and utilises natural enzymes to help dissolve stains. Special micro-particles of diamond help to polish teeth back to their natural whiteness.

Daily use of Icy Bear Diamond Dust toothpaste means gentle all-round dental care for a high carat dazzling smile.

How to Apply

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ICY BEAR Dental Care - Toothbrush Timer

About Us

Created by cosmetic dentist and Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Dr Hanna Kinsella, our diamond whitening toothpaste is expertly formulated to ensure that your teeth look the best they can without sensitivity or any negative effect on their protective enamel.

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With long term daily use, Icy Bear Diamond Whitening Toothpaste will not only brighten the smile but also improve your teeth’s natural defences. Thanks to the formula’s enamel strengthening properties and stain-inhibitive ingredients it will keep your teeth looking perfect for longer, despite what you eat or drink.

This extra special diamond dust toothpaste is perfectly safe to use while pregnant or after having previous dental work.

Icy Bear Diamond Whitening Toothpaste is a total care daily toothpaste designed to maintain both your oral health and overall appearance. It can also much be used alongside or after professional tooth whitening to prolong results.

Because Icy Bear is designed to be used in place of your everyday toothpaste – brushing for two minutes twice a day, using a pea-sized amount – it’s wonderfully easy to fit into a busy daily routine. You won’t need to set aside extra time to use it and brushing with it as normal is the only step required.

Icy Bear Diamond Whitening Toothpaste is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

We never use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in our products, as this chemical – usually found in detergents – is a known irritant that can leave you in discomfort. Instead, we’ve included nourishing natural enzymes in our toothpaste, along with the gentle cleaning power of diamond dust, to keep your mouth healthy and your smile radiant.

With long term daily use, Icy Bear Diamond Whitening Toothpaste will not only protect the teeth but also brighten the smile. Get ready to grow in confidence and enjoy naturally whiter, brighter teeth with ease!

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