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How do teeth whitening strips work?

Teeth Whitening Strips are an easy and effective way to brighten your smile and achieve those pearly white teeth you’ve always wanted.

While tooth whitening strips are nothing new, we wanted to develop a version of this tried and tested method that was extra-effective and kind to enamel and gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. That’s why we released our excellent Icy Bear Dental Whitening Strips.

But how exactly do they work? In this article, the team members at Icy Bear Dental explain the process and reveal how effective this exciting product really is!

Dissolvable whitening strips: How they work

Icy Bear supplies top quality dissolving teeth whitening strips for a simple and straightforward approach to whitening.

Using this method, you can get your teeth up to 7 shades whiter within 14 days. All you need to do is to apply strips to your top and bottom teeth twice a day for two weeks to see exciting results.

You just need to moisten your teeth with your tongue and place a strip against them. Fold any excess behind your teeth. The strip will adhere in place, then strips dissolve completely in your mouth over approximately 15 minutes, with no mess, no fuss and no cleanup.

The product is ideal for busy lifestyles and, at just £39.99 for 56 strips, it’s considerably cheaper than going for regular whitening treatments with your local cosmetic dentist.

Why Icy Bear whitening strips are special

Our revolutionary teeth whitening strips were developed by a team of experts headed up by our founder, Hanna Kinsella – a highly trained dental specialist who is well known as a dentist to the stars.

We wanted to create a quick and easy whitening treatment that was at least as effective as 6% hydrogen peroxide strips without the risk of damage to enamel or sensitivity issues.

AS a rule, Icy Bear Dental do not use chemicals like SLS – nor do any of our products contain palm oil or any ingredients that are tested on animals.

With all of those challenges in mind, our team developed a gentle and effective product that can be used on the go daily, is kind to enamel, does not cause sensitivity and even freshens your breath thanks to its antibacterial properties!

For best effects, we highly recommend using the strips alongside our signature Diamond Whitening Toothpaste, which contains real diamond dust to achieve a sparkling result naturally – with low abrasiveness and enamel strengthening qualities to keep your mouth healthy and beautiful.

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You can also contact us via our handy online contact form to ask any questions you may have, request advice or simply let us know about your unique experiences with our teeth whitening strips. We’d love to hear from you!

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