Teeth whitening strips developed by Dr Hannah Kinsella

Google ‘teeth whitening strips’ and you’ll find a lot of articles claiming they’re not safe and may damage your teeth. No matter how much you want a brighter smile, it’s bound to make you wary.

But is there any truth in it?

The answer is both yes and no. Some whitening strips can and often do cause harmful side effects, such as sensitivity and gum irritation. However, others – including Icy Bear Teeth Whitening Strips – don’t and are completely safe to use day-to-day. Here we take a closer look at why.

It’s all about the hydrogen peroxide

Most whitening strips that can be bought over-the-counter contain an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, it’s this ingredient that can be problematic.

Research now shows that hydrogen peroxide can have a harsh and negative effect on your teeth. It’s a bleaching agent, and when used in high percentages, it can significantly reduce the amount of protein in dentin (i.e. the layer beneath your enamel) and chip it away in small fragments.

This process can lead to several unpleasant side effects, including:

  • tooth sensitivity
  • gum irritation
  • soreness

Professional whitening treatments performed at a dental surgery also contain hydrogen peroxide. In fact, they often have a much higher percentage, around the 25% mark – compared to home teeth whitening strips, which usually have 6-14% as an active ingredient.

There’s one key difference, though. Following a professional treatment, the patient will typically be given fluoride trays, which help to rebuild the internal structure of their teeth. And therefore, unlike when hydrogen peroxide strips are used at home, the side effects listed above can be successfully minimised – or even avoided completely.


Best teeth whitening strips currently available

Whitening strips free from hydrogen peroxide

Here at Icy Bear Dental, safety is one of our top priorities.

It’s important to us that our products not only enhance and maintain the appearance of teeth, but also deliver the highest standards of oral care. Which is why, we were determined to create a product completely free from hydrogen peroxide – and we succeeded.

Icy Bear Teeth Whitening Strips are the very first of their kind. Professionally developed by Dr Hanna Kinsella, they use a unique technology that’s very different from anything else on the market and are the perfect solution for keeping your smile bright and healthy.

Clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to 7 shades in as little as 2 weeks, they’re just as effective as products containing 6% hydrogen peroxide. Yet they don’t contain any harmful bleaching agents, they’re not made with any nasty chemicals, and most importantly: they don’t lead to any unpleasant side effects.

That’s why we truly believe they’re the best teeth whitening strips currently available.

Simply apply them to the surface of your teeth and wait 10-15 minutes for them to dissolve. The results are fast and impressive, and you can rest in the knowledge that they’re completely safe. Our whitening strips allow you to brighten your smile with no sensitivity, irritation or harm to your natural enamel. And as a result, they’re perfectly suitable to use as part of your daily oral health routine.

Make our safe teeth whitening strips your no.1 choice

Feeling reassured by the facts? Why not add them to your basket and give them a go? You can snap up a pack of 56 for just £39.99 – which is the perfect amount to complete the recommended 14-day treatment and see the impressive results for yourself.

If you’re still concerned about the safety of our dissolvable teeth whitening strips or your personal suitability, don’t just take our word for it. Our social media pages feature a wealth of useful information, including lots of customer testimonials and before and after photos.

Alternatively, you’re also welcome to get in touch. We’re always on hand and happy to answer any questions. Just give us a call on 07783 733 059 or send an email to enquiries@icybeardental.com and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.



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